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Smart assistant with AI
to automate customer service in chats

Welcome to the new era. Replace sales and support teams with Odus.
Automate Your Sales Funnels
Speech recognition
Voice control of the site & mobile app. Understanding of queries in natural language. Speech-to-text and the text-to-speech engine. Ready-made scenarios for sales, marketing or support.
Machine learning
The system itself determines the key indicators. Easy audience hyper-segmentation. Intelligent scheduling of the sending of messages. Own neural network. Оpen rate in instant messengers is 80%. Click-through rate is 30%.
Flexible bot integration
An independent personal assistant module can be integrated into a site, a mobile app, instant messengers and other electronic devices. It's also possible to connect any system of CRM, CMS, ERP, online-services.
Digital marketing becomes personal. Today it's more than a landing page, an e-mail subscriptions and phone calls. With Odus, business owners get higher rates of retention, engagement and coverage.

users in instant messengers

smart speakers sold only in US

CTRs compared to old tools
What can Odus do?
A personal assistant can communicate with the customer using a chat or the recognition of voice messages. It can be integrated into any digital device, application or site.
Sales Scenarios
The assistant will competently bring your customer to sale, offer options, tell how to pay for the goods or service.
Qualify and Support
Get 100% response rate to any inquiries from your customers. One assistant instead of a call center.
Behavior Analysis
Set any metrics to track. The assistant will analyze the dialogue exactly as you need.
Voice Search
Connect voice control to your devices or automate answers to phone calls. In two clicks. It's easy.
Setup Wizard
Just fill in the block of information about your company – Odus will do the rest.
AI & Machine learning
The more clients communicate with the assistant, the better he answers questions.
Log in and learn the rest of the functions for free!
Ready-made Interaction Chains
Don't need to know coding – just use the setup wizard
Dialog Scripts
Depending on the niche of your business, we are laying out dialogue scenarios in the assistant. Of course you can correct them.
Feature Set
We put everything you need. We develop the main conception of an assistant according to company target, develop strategies of communications.
AI Presets
Your new assistant already has a trained artificial intelligence thanks to our platform. You just need to upload your data to it.
Simple Pricing
One price for all
$1 / m
  • One assistant
  • Basic features
  • Works only in the cloud
  • Basic analytics
  • Chat widget to add bot on website
  • Label "Made on Odus"
Try 7 days for free
  • Unlimited assistants
  • Customize features
  • On-premise or in the cloud
  • Custom analytics
  • Priority Support
  • Chat widget to add bot on website
  • An invoice for payment
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Who We Are
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make you happy
Alexey Chernyshev
Alexey is the founder of 6 companies, a marketing consultant, a member of the Expert Council of the Runet Award, an architect of interactive systems.
Ilya Zobenko
Ilya is a developer of automation systems, has experience in setting up smart home systems, automating accounting and implementing ERP systems.
Valentine Zykov
Data Scientist
Valentin is an expert in the development and training of neural networks, the winner of many hakatons, has experience working with Big Data.
Automate business communication with customers anywhere just now